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Guide to American English Pronunciation: Vowel Combinations, Silent Consonants, Homophones, and More. Book by G. J. Gálvez A.


About the Author

A conversation with the reader, and the student.

The study of this book, and the audio that accompanies it, allow the reader, the student, to acquire great confidence in the use of the English language.

It is all about increasing self-confidence; based on solid knowledge, acquired as easily as possible.

This book is a very appropriate complement to any English course, which I designed during the years that I devoted myself entirely to the teaching of English, and now I offer this work in digital format.

It deals with the subject in a practical but exhaustive way, and it is precisely this comprehensiveness in knowledge that allows the student to acquire that sense of security.

It is also especially designed to facilitate learning.

It is especially designed for the student of English as a second language, but native speakers of the language can also benefit.

The book refers exclusively to Standard American English, but the real sense of security that derives from its study serves very well to understand English from any part of the world.

There is hardly any paragraph written in English that does not contain any, or several, of the words included in this book.

This book allows us to perceive the phonetic structure of the English language, and how sounds are connected to spelling (but the objective of the book is entirely practical).

I had the wonderful collaboration of Bob Green and Emily Getz for the highly professional audio recording (that accompanies this work), and from Tina Hardy for editing.

The cover was kindly designed by M. Karmacharya.

Thank you very much to all of them, and many thanks for many other people who also contributed,

My areas of special interest during my years at the University were, physics, chemistry, mathematics, and in the area of languages English, and German.

I have also accumulated knowledge, and expertise in several other technical areas (like computer technology).

My native language is Spanish; my second language is English, and I speak a little German.

I have worked as a Medical Librarian, and I have also been invloved in the areas of foreign trade, and materials management.

I was a Physical-Chemistry Instructor for a while.

For 20 years I successfully taught English classes in the metropolitan area of Monterrey, Mexico.

I taught English in many companies, such as Sigma Alimentos (Grupo Alfa), Cervecería Cuauhtémoc, Cementos Mexicanos, Corporativo Soriana, Carrier, Constructora Lobeira, Sello Tapa, Gruma, Seguros Monterrey, Instituto Best, and several other companies.

These companies invested in training, and several of them set out to conquer world markets.

English has become a universal language, and its learning is interesting, and very useful.

It is extremely positive to master a second language, apart from our mother tongue.

It is perfectly possible to learn English in our country of origin, without having to travel to an English-speaking country.

I have visited places, universities, and companies in the Netherlands, Germany, Luxembourg, Belgium, France, England, and many times I have visited the United States.

In my travels, and in my constant contact with people from many parts of the world, and in the constant process of learning through many channels, as it is to be expected, the knowledge of English, Spanish, and German have served me well.

This book has been prepared with great care, and is made to serve the community of English learners.

G. J. Gálvez A.

International Seller

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